Instructions to login Facebook properly (Required)

Step 1: Visit the link to log in to your account.

Step 2: After successfully logging into your account with

Go to and use it normally.

Note: If you log in again on the same or different computer,

you still have to log in with

If you accidentally log in the wrong way, causing your account to be locked,

please text "CONTINUE" at the lock screen to receive the code via email (all accounts have email attached),

then go to the email to get the facebook code to re-open the account.

How to login account?
EX: 1100088888|123face|B6JA SZE2W3E 4DQ AAA||Technology12|
Using: login with link: Values are separated by " | "

Username: 1100088888
Password: 123face
Email: (login hotmail:
Email password: Technology12
Recovery email: (login getnada:

Вернуться к блогу


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